Graphic design is more than making something pretty. It's about solving problems elegantly. I'll provide you with elegant design solutions by working with you to form a plan that addresses what your problem is, what we're going to do to solve it, and how we're going to do it.  



I strive to create illustrations that deepen the viewer's understanding of the concept you're trying to get across. The meaningful, thoughtful combination of word and image doesn't just inform, it makes people more interested and gets them excited about what you're saying.



I'll work with you to make sure you have the tools you need to get your project done and in the hands of consumers. Since I have a background in preparing files for production, I intentionally design with production in mind, which means a more efficient, happier workflow that results in a better product. 





People usually associate branding with logos, but it's really everything that people think of when they think about your company or product. It's sort of like the way people dress.  If your friends Tom and John have different styles and switch clothes, you'd probably do a double take when they walk in the room because they wouldn't quite look like themselves. Having consistent colors, typography, illustration styles, and photography are important to making you, your product or your company more recognizable to your audience. 



I try to have my camera on hand with me all the time, which has really changed the way I see the world. Whether it's to capture a memory or part of a larger project, being able to go out and take the right photo for whatever I'm trying to accomplish gives me lot of creative freedom and makes my projects more cohesive.